The realization of the goal is based on the strong desire to succeed.


五百万彩票 Take it, put it down. Don't be forced to do everything!


Their choice of road, kneeling also want to finish it.

五百万彩票 4、伤心有时是一种动力,失望有时是一种解脱,执迷不悟有时是一种磨练。

五百万彩票 Sad sometimes is a kind of power, sometimes is a relief, sometimes stubborn is a temper.


God never complains about people's ignorance, but people complain that God is not fair.


You are the only one, you are very unique, you are the first in your life.


Be sure to have confidence. You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in other people's scenery.


A man can play a joke, but he can't play a joke on his future.


A man of strong will, his world is full of infinite possibilities.

五百万彩票 10、顽强的毅力可以征服世界上任何一座高峰!

Tenacious perseverance can conquer any one of the world's highest peak!


五百万彩票 There is no higher than the people of the mountains, there is no wider than the heart of the sea, people are the masters of the world.


五百万彩票 Life without a friend is a life without a sun.


五百万彩票 That would be laughed out of the dream, can realize the value even if the fall will be very heroic posture.


The best way to change is to communicate with the inner power, and then it will change us.


The so-called hero, in fact, refers to those who are able to survive under any circumstances.


Don't fly already, but blockbuster, soar.


Winners never give themselves a weak excuse.

五百万彩票 18、人生不是一种享乐,而是一桩十分沉重的工作。

五百万彩票 Life is not a pleasure, but a very heavy work.


Those who can not copy the romance, only slowly fade in the memories.


五百万彩票 People's life is to let the rest of the first half lit.


五百万彩票 Not too far away from us, but we insist too little.


Another inspirational words do not go to action is fart.

五百万彩票 23、每一个人要有做一代豪杰的雄心斗志!应当做个开创一代的人。

Each person has to do a generation of aspiring hero! Should be a pioneer in the generation of people.

五百万彩票 24、一个人炫耀什么,说明内心缺少什么。

五百万彩票 A person showing off what the heart is missing.


五百万彩票 It is not so much to understand a lot of things, not to understand, but can be completely.


五百万彩票 The youth is a short dream, when you wake up, it has already disappeared without a trace.

五百万彩票 27、不管别人脸上有没有饭粒,都请你先照照镜子。

Whatever others face there is no rice, you can first look in the mirror.


五百万彩票 Even though the pace is a piece of rock, it will spark, as long as you pick up a hammer drill rod.


五百万彩票 Who knows the warrior heart flute in the air as a bone, Sha tau.


五百万彩票 If you look forward to tomorrow, it must first real foot; if you want the brilliant, then you must not stop pin.


五百万彩票 The upper end of the warriors are split the wind and waves; downstream, is a coward Everything is going smoothly..


Sometimes people don't care about you, but you can not do not care about their own.

五百万彩票 33、内心如果平静,外在就不会有风波。

五百万彩票 If the heart is calm, there will be no disturbance outside.

五百万彩票 34、青,取之于蓝而青于蓝;冰,水为之而寒于水。

The green, blue and green in blue; ice, water for cold water.

五百万彩票 35、男人最大的武器是眼神,女人最大的武器是眼泪。

Men's biggest weapon is the look in the eyes, the woman's biggest weapon is the tears.

五百万彩票 36、通过辛勤工作获得财富才是人生的大快事。

五百万彩票 Through the hard work of acquiring wealth is the life of joy.


Just days, three thousand more hardships, can swallow a wu.

五百万彩票 38、让人失去理智的,常常是外界的诱惑;让人耗尽心力的,往往是自己的欲望。

It is often the temptation of the outside world to make people lose their senses.

五百万彩票 39、当眼泪流尽的时候,留下的应该是坚强。

五百万彩票 When the tears do, leave should be strong.

五百万彩票 40、见己不是,万善之门。见人不是,诸恶之根。

五百万彩票 See is not, the door of the good. See is not the root of all evil.

五百万彩票 41、任何为失败找借口的人虽然他的心灵上得到了安慰,但是他将永远的拥有失败。

Any man who has found an excuse for failure, though he has a heart of comfort, but he will always have failed.


Success in this matter, he is the boss!


Failure is what I need, and it's just as valuable to me as success.


五百万彩票 The first net open, to find the entrance of fish nets.

五百万彩票 45、只有收获,才能检验耕耘的意义;只有贡献,方可衡量人生的价值。

Only the harvest, in order to test the significance of the work; only contribution to the value of life.

五百万彩票 46、不经一翻彻骨寒,怎得梅花扑鼻香。

五百万彩票 Without a cold biting cold, how a plum smelling incense.


五百万彩票 What is called failure? Failure is the first step to something better.


五百万彩票 The modern society is not the fish age, but in the fast fish eat slow.


As long as we can persist in lofty ideals, and have no intention to stop the end of the purpose, will be able to produce amazing power.

五百万彩票 50、灵感并不是在逻辑思考的延长线上产生,而是在破除逻辑或常识的地方才有灵感。

五百万彩票 Inspiration is not produced in the extension of logical thinking, but in the place where the logic or common sense is not the inspiration.

五百万彩票 51、只有第一名可以教你如何成为第一名。

五百万彩票 Only the first one can teach you how to be the first.


五百万彩票 Others how to evaluate you are not important, the most important is that you have to look at their own.


Do, can look around; you can only do the best, or along the foot as the starting point of the forward ray.


Bonsai show wood because of being spoiled, it lost to become the pillar of the dream.


Life is the beginning of death is the birth of a continuation of the dream is the reality of the reality of the beginning is the end of the dream.


Wisdom comes from diligence, and greatness comes from the ordinary.

五百万彩票 57、人的生命似洪水在奔流,不遇着岛屿、暗礁,难以激起美丽的浪花。

五百万彩票 People's lives in torrential floods may not in islands and reefs, it is difficult to arouse beautiful spray.

五百万彩票 58、我们永远没有资格说放弃,因为这是属于我们的年华,应该开出耀眼的繁花。

We always are not qualified to say give up, because this is our life, should open bright flowers.


Greed is the real poverty, satisfaction is the most real wealth.


You can do more than you can imagine.

五百万彩票 61、态度决定一切。细节决定成败,习惯成就人生。

Attitude determines everything. Details determine success or failure, the habit of success in life.


Everything must have a deadline, otherwise, most people will have much time to spend how much time.


五百万彩票 If we want more roses, we must plant more trees.


Like this thing and the classic dream, never fade, but even more precious.


Dream is a beautiful journey, each person before they find it, they are all alone.

五百万彩票 66、不是你比别人差,只是付出不够多。

Is not worse than others, but not enough to pay.


五百万彩票 The erosion of coral from the tempestuous waves? That would be their beautiful ruin.

五百万彩票 68、任何的限制,都是从自己的内心开始的。忘掉失败,不过要牢记失败中的教训。

Any restrictions, are from his heart began. Forget failures, but keep in mind the lessons of failure.


Most people tend to have lost the opportunity to beat, but turn a blind eye on the immediate opportunity.


If you wish to succeed, you should use persistence as your good friend, experience as chief of staff, to care for the brother and hope as your sentry.

五百万彩票 71、剩者为王的时代,能活下来的都成为行业的翘楚。

Left for the king of the times, to survive is to become the industry leader.


五百万彩票 Heaven, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement; terrain Kun, the gentleman to social commitment.


五百万彩票 Every day is a beginning. Take a deep breath and start again.


五百万彩票 The secret of success is to stick to your goals and beliefs.


五百万彩票 Losers either fail or succeed.


Not fanatical pay, should be ashamed of crying.


Men think that women want to open, natural world peace.


The most important thing is not to see the distance, but to do things at hand.


五百万彩票 The goal is not all that can be achieved, but it can be used as a target.

五百万彩票 80、人生伟业的建立,不在能知,乃在能行。

The establishment of the cause of life, not to know, but can do.